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About Us

Artemis is the one stop solution for littering for local authorities around the UK. Created as a way for boroughs to ensure clean streets whilst also aiming to reduce the 800 million pound cost of litter crime in the UK.

Artemis has developed strategies to assist councils, in not only keeping streets clean but also generating income to reduce the costs of litter crime.

Artemis has developed a team that specialises in business solutions for companies and brands around the UK.


Artemis calculate that each relevant litter crime should be fined between £50-£125. For monitoring and fining for these actions Artemis would in turn take a % of each fine processed.

The bill for cleaning up litter across Britain is £1billion a year – enough to fund more than 33,000 extra nurses.

Councils are spending on average of £660 per head per annum on litter clean up across the UK.

Since the 1960s there has been a 500 per cent increase in litter in the UK.

Almost 68% of people in the UK litter, however only 28% have admitted to doing so.


By delivering on these we aim to ensure that the implementation of our services in each borough is accepted by the community as a way to give them a much cleaner healthier living space. By ensuring the respect level of the community, Artemis will ensure that the message delivered and actions are accepted due to the brand the company is promoting.


Tolerance for honest mistakes.


Our hierarchy of responsibilities are The Boroughs, Our Employees, The Community and then our shareholders.


Hard work, productivity and continuous improvement.

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